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Year 6 Residential Day 2

Day Two at Bawdsey Manor has seen the children challenge themselves to climb higher, swing further and show greater trust in each other.

Day Two at Bawdsey Manor began with a hearty breakfast of sausages, beans, omelette, cereal and toast. 

Activity One was the Jacob's Ladder. For this activity the children had to work in groups of three to support each other to climb as high as they can. The children showed great strength and determination with one our pupils even reaching the top - setting a new record for our age group.

Activity Three was a real favourite - the Giant Swing. This activity involved the children working as a team to hoist their classmates to new heights. 

Activity Four was the Sensory Trail. For this activity the children had to guide each other through various activities whilst wearing blackout goggles. Great fun all round!