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Harcourt Primary School

School Council

This year we had a Polling Booth and Ballot Box so that all children could vote for their School Councilors in private, just like adults do for voting in Government. It was a great success and you all reported that you enjoyed it.

Our school councilors are here to bring the views of all classmates to School

Council Meetings where we discuss things that you, the children would like to do or change.

This year your School Councilors are:

Year 1  Megan and Freddie
Year 2 Amelia and Alexander
Year 3 Grace and Kai
Year 4 Sadie and Tanjok
Year 5 Olivia and Ollie
Year 6 Molly and Jack

Our School Councilors care about our school and the people in it.

Our School Councilors are good listeners and listen to other peoples’ ideas.

Our School Councilors are good thinkers and come up with ideas to improve the school.