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Harcourt Primary School



Our School Vision Statement:

Here at Harcourt every child's learning, wellbeing and personal development will remain at the heart of everything we do. Children will thrive from the fun, nurturing and inspiring environment Harcourt offers. They will leave the school with happy memories of opportunities experienced, friendships made and the support they have had from a dedicated school community that has prepared them for the next step in life. Over the next five years we will focus on 3 core areas to achieve our vision:

  1.  Love for Learning: We will provide a rich curriculum for all pupils, promoting the development of the whole child and ensuring all members of the Harcourt family reach their full potential, making better than expected progress.
  2. Opportunities: We will give every child an opportunity to try new experiences; to visit places of interest and to participate in an increasing range of extra-curricular activities, such as music, art, and sports.
  3. Confidence: We will give every child the confidence to be themselves and ensure they are motivated to be the best they can be in a safe environment.

Our School Values:

Believe, in yourself, have confidence in your ability

Achieve, we can all make progress and achieve

Respect, have respect for yourself, your school, the community we live and learn in and the wider world.