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religious education

At Harcourt Primary School we follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. This document sets out the vision for Religious Education in Kent schools.


The historical and cultural roots of the United Kingdom lie with Christianity. Since the arrival of St. Augustine to the present day, Kent remains central to the growth of Christianity. Today this continues to be reflected by Canterbury Cathedral being the centre of the worldwide Anglican Church.

Kent has always been an important geographical gateway for the United Kingdom. This has created a richness and diversity of faith that results in a vibrant and dynamic community. Kent’s unique position also presents exciting opportunities for its citizens to explore faith and culture in the wider world community.

The agreed syllabus is an active and creative response to this tradition and diversity in Kent. It seeks to develop in our young people, the skills and processes which will enable them to engage with their own world views and those of others.

Our vision for high quality Religious Education in Kent is founded on:

  • Exploring faith in action

  • Reflecting upon ultimate questions

  • Affirming and challenging one’s own beliefs and values

  • Investigating the beliefs and practices of others

  • Developing the skills, attitudes and processes of learning in Religious


The agreed syllabus aims to provide a high quality experience of Religious Education for all pupils in Kent by:

  • Promoting personal respect for pupils’ own world views and those of others

  • Deepening understanding of their own and other people’s beliefs and opinions

  • Fostering an enquiring and open mind

  • Encouraging the confidence to ask ultimate questions

  • Developing the skills of listening, communicating and empathising